Test Authenticity Of Mandela Coins

Three Simple Tests That Will Help You Detect Counterfeit Mandela Coins

The market of bullion Mandela coins is flooded with counterfeits that usually look or feel almost as an authentic Mandela coin, but are much less valuable. To avoid buying low quality or counterfeit Mandela coins, you should learn at least two to three basic methods of coin authentication. They will help you test the authenticity of Mandela and other bullion coins offered to you.

In this article we will try to teach you about three basic tests that can save you a lot of money and will successfully help you detect counterfeits. The following tests are easy to perform, don’t require much tools and you can perform them almost anywhere. They will come in handy when you are dealing with sellers and coin dealers that you don’t know.

Three Simple Tests That Can Save You a Lot of Money

Here are three simple tests that you can perform in minutes wherever you are:

  • Measuring weight, diameter and thickness;
  • Visual identification;
  • Testing with magnets.

You can use these tests to test any type of bullion coins – gold, silver, platinum and other bullion coins. Use them to authenticate valuable South African coins such popular Mandela coins or gold Krugerrands, to Australian coins such as gold Kangaroos or Koalas, American coins such as gold Eagles and Buffalos and other bullion coins.

Method #1: Mandela Coin Weight, Diameter & Thickness

The first test will help you determine the authenticity of your bullion coin by measuring its diameter, thickness and weight. It will help you reliably determine if the coin is authentic or counterfeit Mandela coin. This test is very reliable and you can perform it in only a few minutes almost anywhere you are.

Tools that you will need to perform this test:

  • Accurate precision scale;
  • Precise digital caliper;
  • Technical details of an authentic coin from coin catalog or other reliable source.

Measure the diameter, thickness and weight of the coin. All three measurements should match the specifications of an authentic coin. Only minor deviations (approx. 1%) are allowed due to minimal level wear that comes with time and handling. The level of wear is applicable only if you are dealing with an older coin.

Explanation: Precious metals like gold and silver have higher density than other metals. This means that the weight of a coin of the same size is also higher when the coin is made of these precious metals. This is why it is impossible to make a counterfeit gold or silver Mandela coin or other bullion coin with the same diameter, thickness and weight that an authentic coin has.

Method #2: Visual Identification of Mandela Coins

The second test is performed by visual examination of a Mandela coin. It is very simple and can be performed in minutes, anywhere you are. You can use this test to authenticate all types of coins, from bullion coins to other collectible coins.

Tools that you will need to perform this test:

  • A jeweler’s lens or a loupe;
  • A good picture of an authentic coin or an actual coin of the same type.

Compare the Mandela coin you are buying with an authentic Mandela coin or its picture. If you are an experienced coin collector and already familiar with the features of the coin in detail, you don’t need a picture or another coin.

Use a jeweler’s lens or a loupe to closely examine all the features and details of a Mandela coin. Pay attention to following

  • Design,
  • Surface,
  • Edge of a coin,
  • Coin alignment,
  • Other details.

If you notice any irregularities other than those that come with wear, you might be dealing with a counterfeit.

You should also be aware of some very valuable error coins that have been minted with errors. These errors make them unique and incredibly valuable. In this case you are not dealing with counterfeits but with legitimate coins that have probably even higher value than regular bullion coins.

If you are buying coins online you can use a photo software (such as Photoshop or other photo-editing program)  to compare the photo of a coin you want to invest with a photo of an authentic Mandela coin of the same type.

Method #3: Using Magnets To Authenticate Mandela Coins

Another simple authentication method worth mentioning is a test performed with a help of magnets.

Tools that you will need to perform this test:

  • Magnet – if possible a rare earth magnet.

Pure gold and silver are not magnetic, so the magnet will not attract bullion Mandela coins. If the magnet picks up the coin it is not made of gold or silver.

This test can be performed in seconds and will even further confirm the authenticity of Mandela coin you are buying.


By performing only these simple tests you can successfully authenticate Mandela coins. Combine visual identification with weight, diameter and thickness measurements  and magnet test to get the most reliable results. If you notice any irregularities, you are probably dealing with a counterfeit Mandela coin.

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In the Spirit of Nelson Mandela

South Africa’s first black president and anti-apartheid activist Nelson Mandela died at age of 95 after health complications related to a lung infection. He died shortly before 21:00 (local time) and will receive a full state funeral that will take place in Pretoria on Saturday.

Mandela, also known as Madiba, father of the nation, will be remembered as brave and inspiring leader who was able to overcome many obstacles in his life and inspire the nation to join in the spirit of hope, equality and justice.

When anouncing his death, South African president Jacob Zuma said: »Our nation has lost its greatest son.«

mandela madiba In the Spirit of Nelson Mandela

Mandela’s life was full of ups and downs, but as he said: Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again. Here are some milestones of his life:

  • He was born in the Eastern Cape in 1918
  • In 1943 he joined African National Congress
  • In 1962 he was arrested and sentenced to 5 years in prison, in 1964 he was charged with sabotage and sentenced to life – he spent 27 years in prison and served most of the sentence on Robben Island
  • In 1990 he was freed from prison
  • In 1993 he won a Nobel Peace Prize
  • In 1994 he was elected as first black president of South Africa.

Mandela Coins’ Sales Rising

The popularity of Mandela coins and medallions is increasing. On South African online marketplace BidOrBuy.co.za, they noticed a rising demand for popular Mandela coins and memorabilia. The site offers a lot of Mandela coins and medallions which have become one of the most popular items on the website.

Rising Demand for Mandela Coins

Demand for Mandela coins, medallions and memorabilia has surged since Nelson Mandela was admitted to the hospital in the beginning of June. Items related to Mandela have always been popular on BidOrBuy, but their popularity has increased since the whole nation hopes and prays for his health.

In the first week of July they have sold around 550 Mandela coins, medallions and other items related to popular anti-apartheid activist and humanitarian, that has won the hearts of people around the world with his actions and humanitarian messages.

The Most Popular Mandela Coins and Memorabilia

The search term »Mandela coins« became the fifth most popular search term on the auction site according to Jaco Jonker, a chief executive of BidOrBuy. On the website a visitor can find a lot of Mandela coins and medallions including the popular 2000 smiling Mandela coins, R5 circulation Mandela coins, 1994 presidential inauguration Mandela coins and the 2008 Mandela coins minted to celebrate his 90th birthday.

Top selling Mandela coins, medallions and other items on BidOrBuy.co.za are:

  • Nelson Mandela centenary 1 kg gold medallion – sold for R640.000;
  • Proof R5 Mandela coin with an inauguration VIP folder signed by Nelson Mandela – sold for R350.000;
  • Mandela centenary 155.5 g gold medallion – sold for R95.100;
  • Mandela centenary 1 kg silver medallion – sold for R 12.000;
  • Signed photo of Nelson Mandela looking out of his Robben Island prison cell – offered for R 85.000;
  • A Football World Cup ball signed by Nelson Mandela and Lucas Radebe – offered for R25.000;
  • Biography Higher Than Hope, written by Fatima Meer, signed by Nelson Mandela – offered for R15.000.

Although the Mandela coins and other items related to Nelson Mandela have always been popular, their sales have surged in the last month. If you are a collector or a fan of Nelson Mandela, visit BidOrBuy or other online marketplace and find the items related to this great man or find a way to pay forward his noble messages.

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Valuable Mandela Coins

Mandela R5 Coins, Nobel Laureates, Robben Island & Other Mandela Coins

Valuable Mandela coins are issued by mints around the world. They celebrate Nelson Mandela and spread his humanitarian messages. Here is a short list of some popular collectible Mandela coins minted by the South African Mint and by the Mint of Norway:

Inauguration R5 Mandela Coins

Inauguration Mandela R5 coins were one of the first South African Mandela coins, that were issued in 1994. This is the year when Nelson Mandela was elected president of the Republic of South Africa.

Inauguration Mandela coins are one ounce, 24 carat gold coins. Their mintage is limited and their value is rising.

Nobel Laureates Mandela Coins- Mandela/De Klerk Coins

In 2007 one ounce gold Mandela coins were issued as a part of Protea coin series (series of South African coins). He appeared on these beautiful coins with Frederik Willem de Klerk, another Nobel Peace Prize winner in 1993. Nelson Mandela also appeared on 1/10 ounce gold Mandela Nobel Laureates coin.

Mandela coin 150x150 Valuable Mandela Coins

De Klerk – Mandela coins were also issued by the Mint of Norway as one ounce gold and one ounce silver Mandela medallions. One ounce silver Mandela Nobel laureate coins that portray only Nelson Mandela were also issued.

Robben Island Mandela Coins

Mandela Robbern Island coins were minted by the Mint of Norway with limited mintages. They are available as:

  • one ounce silver
    Mandela medallions
  • one kilo Mandela medallions
  • 1/2 ounce gold Mandela medallions
  • two ounce gold Mandela medallions
  • five ounce gold Mandela medallions
  • one kilo ounce gold Mandela medallions.

mandela Robben Island Valuable Mandela Coins

Robben Island Mandela coins portray Nelson Mandela and Robben Island with Table Mountain in the background and dates 1964-1982 on the other side. Robben Island was Mandela’s prison for 18 years (from 1964 until 1982).

Other South African Mandela Coins

There are several other South African coins that portray Nelson Mandela including:

  • 10th Anniversary of South African Democracy Mandela coins – 24 carat gold coins issued in 2004
  • 20th Anniversary Mandela coins that celebrate his release from prison – half ounce gold coins issued in 2010
  • Mint Mark Mandela coins – half ounce gold coins issued in 2010.

This list of South African Mandela coins is not complete and will be completed with time.

Mandela democracy coin Valuable Mandela Coins

Mandela Coin Sets

There are several sets with Mandela coins available including:

  • Prestige set – includes all R5 Mandela coins
  • Standard set – includes 10 uncirculated Mandela coins
  • Commemorative R5 set from 2008
  • 90th Birthday Mandela Set
  • Prestige Nobel Set.

These Mandela coin sets are rare and valuable.

This short list includes only a few valuable Mandela coins minted in the last decades. Browse around this site to find more about other Mandela coins.

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Buy Mandela Coins Online

Buying Mandela coins online can be risky or very safe – it all depends on your experience, research, knowledge and most of all the coin dealer you are buying from.

You can buy Mandela coins in different online stores, markets and auction websites:

Buy Mandela Coins on BidOrBuy.co.za

South African online marketplace BidOrBuy.co.za offers you the greatest selection of Mandela coins from reputable South African coin dealers for reasonable prices. You can attend an auction or buy Mandela coins for a given price – depending on the options a seller offers.

As with other auction websites, you should check the sellers reputation and feedback score that will tell you if you can trust a seller. Also check out the delivery options since sellers may not post coins to your country. We recommend you to buy Mandela coins from top rated sellers with good feedback.

Buy Mandela Coins on eBay

On eBay you will find larger selection of Mandela coins comparing to Amazon, but not as many as BidOrBuy offers. You can find great offers and different types of deals, including:

  • Auctions – great opportunity to buy Mandela coins for very reasonable prices
  • Buy it now offers – you can buy Mandela coins at a given price.

Rules for buying Mandela coins on eBay are the same as for all the other auction site. Help yourself with invaluable eBay’s customer feedback mechanism – check out the sellers reputation, feedback score and picture of a coin, to avoid buying damaged, poor quality Mandela coins or even counterfeits. EBay also offers some guides and mechanisms that make buying Mandela coins even safer.

Buy Mandela Coins on Amazon

Amazon is pretty safe online marketplace that offers you a lot of safety mechanisms, making your purchase more safe. You can find all kinds of coins on Amazon, including some Mandela coins. Often the sellers offer reasonable prices, reasonable delivery costs and good descriptions. Off course, it all depends on a seller. The most important thing for you when buying Mandela coins on Amazon, is to check out a sellers reputation and feedback.

Online Coin Dealers

Different online coin dealers are a great source of information and quality offers. They offer wide selection of Mandela coins, often with discount prices, reliable delivery options and return policy. If you find a reputable, trustworthy coin dealer, this may be the safest option to buy Mandela coins online. You can find offers from numerous reputable coin dealers on eBay, Amazon, BidOrBuy as well as on their own websites.

How to Safely Buy Mandela Coins Online

Buying Mandela coins online can be a risk if you don’t do your research. If you want to avoid counterfeits and coins in poor condition, pay attention to signs such as:

  • Seller’s reputation, ratings and feedback from previous customers: Buy Mandela coins from reputable sellers with good ratings and feedback. This is the most important indication that will tell you if a seller is trustworthy.
  • Check out a picture of a coin that you are buying: if it looks suspicious, ask a seller about it. Sometimes pictures are only symbolic and don’t depict the actual coin that is on sale. If you are not sure about the picture’s authenticity, ask a seller to send you a picture of an actual coin.
  • Product description and technical details: You can get some valuable data from good, original product descriptions, although they can as well easily be copied from other websites and unoriginal. The length of a description doesn’t matter, the information do. Elusive and poor descriptions can be a bad sign.
  • Return policy: make sure the seller offers a good return policy and  refunds. This way you can protect yourself from wasting money on poor quality coins and counterfeits.
  • Delivery options and costs: Make sure the seller delivers to your country and check out the delivery costs. Some sellers have high delivery and packaging costs, so find one with reasonable delivery options if possible.
  • Seller’s country: If the seller is not from your country, you also need to check out the costs and custom duties.

On auction sites you can buy Mandela coins at great prices, so it is worth checking them out.

This short guide for buying Mandela coins online will come in handy for everyone who want to sell Mandela coins online. The same sites allow you to offer Mandela coins to the buyers, but make sure to offer a good return policy and delivery options that will make your offer more trustworthy.

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Mandela Coins

Mandela coins are incredibly popular and valuable coins, that are designed in honor of Nelson Mandela – former president of South African republic, anti-apartheid activist and humanitarian, respected around the world. Valuable Mandela coins are great collectible coins that can be seen as a symbol of democracy, hope and equality.

These beautiful coins are popular due to Nelson Mandela’s appeal, as well due to their rarity and messages their motives are expressing. Mandela coins portray Nelson Mandela and important motives, ideas, achievements and events related to his life.

A lot of Mandela coins are South African coins, but they do not originate only from South Africa. They are minted by mints around the world – some of valuable bullion coins have been minted by the Mint of Norway and other mints.

Variety of Mandela Coins

Mandela coins are minted using different metals in various sizes. They are minted as legal tender and bullion coins including gold, silver, platinum and other bullion coins.

Bullion Mandela Coins

Commemorative Mandela medallions and coins have very low mintages, making them very valuable. Here is a list of some popular bullion Mandela coins:

  • Inauguration R5 Mandela medallions – 24 carat gold South African coins issued in 1994
  • 90th Birthday Mandela coins – gold, silver and platinum South African coins
  • Mandela/ de Klerk coin – South African coins issued as a part of Protea series
  • Gold and silver Mandela/ de Klerk coins minted by the Mint of Norway
  • Robben Island Mandela coins – gold and silver Mandela medallions minted by the Mint of Norway
  • 10th Anniversary of South African democracy – 24 carat gold Mandela coins issued in 2004
  • 20th year anniversary of Mandelas release from prison – gold Mandela medallions released in 2010
  • Mandela mint mark medallions – gold Mandela coins released in 2010
  • Mandela coins minted by Rwandan mint.

You can buy bullion Mandela medallions and coins as individual coins or in sets consisting of different coins.

Legal Tender Mandela Coins

Legal tender Mandela coins such as popular 90th birthday Mandela coins (also known as Madiba R5 coins) are usually minted in large numbers, although they often become popular among collectors.

Mandela coins 300x143 Mandela Coins

Mandela Coin Prices

Mandela coins are among the most profitable coins worldwide. Their growing values have exceeded all expectations in the previous years. Some of the rarest Mandela coins, such as Mandela R5 proof coins values increased by 4 million percent in less than a decade. This is a phenomenon among the rare coins that makes Mandela coins one of a kind. Their values are among the fastest growing values in the history.

Bullion collectible Mandela coins are minted in limited mintages and are incredibly valuable. Even legal tender coins that portray Nelson Mandela usually exceed their face value and instantly become popular on collectors market.

Rare Mandela R5 Proof coin

Value of rare proof Mandela R5 coin has increased by 4 million percent in 7 years, which makes it one of the most profitable coins in the world. This is one of a kind phenomenon in a coin collecting world.

Despite this unique phenomenon, Mandela coins haven’t been around for that long, which gives them a lot of potential. Experts believe this trend of growing Mandela coins values is not over and there are a lot of potential for this young market to develop even further. This turns Mandela coins into an incredible investment opportunity.

Where can you buy Mandela coins?

You can buy Mandela coins from coin dealers and online on eBay, Amazon, South African online marketplace BidOrBuy.co.za and from different online coin dealers. Look through different online marketplaces to find the best deals on the Mandela coins you are searching for.

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